DVDES-644 | 1 Bữa trưa gia đình

DVDES-644| A World Where Sex Is Extremely Easy 6 Special part 1 A family lunch

DVDES-644 is quite a mouthful to stomach, a movie which spans almost 4 hours in a series of non-related mini stories.

A low-hurdles fantasy, or if you will, a world in which having sex is quite normal and people feel unrestrained about it. Shame about sex and nudity doesn’t apply in this world.DVDES-644

First scene: A family lunch. The Father starts to bang the daughter, and the mother starts to fondle the son. Simultaneously.
Second scene: A restaurant. The waitresses get fondled by some customers. Shinoda Yu looks pretty awesome.
Third scene: A funeral wake ceremony. Ozawa fucks the widow in front of everybody and the nun starts to masturbate on the spot… I mean… This scene was simply insane.
Fourth scene: A loli and his Mom are riding a train together to go back home and a middle-aged dude approaches them…
Fifth scene: A massage place.
Sixth scene: Classroom scene. Students, teachers, parents… Masao finally got laid… just another insane scene.
Overall I think it’s a pretty good movie. Hilarious, sexy, and outrageous at times. Can’t ask for more.

Thể loại: Censored
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